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The Chillout Lounge from the Sharaf Group is the first ice lounge in the Middle East. Originally opened in 2007, the lounge had a major refurbishment in July 2014 creating a place which is spell binding with its ice sculptures, ice seating and tables and a uniquely illuminated interior, all at a subzero temperature.

Once visitors arrive they are given thermal clothing to keep themselves warm while in the minus six degrees. This comprises of a hooded parka (a heavy jacket), woolen gloves, shoes and socks, if required. Visitors are advised to spend a few minutes in a buffer zone area to get acclimatized. The temperature in the buffer zone is set at 5 degrees Celsius which gives the body time to adjust to the low temperature in the main Chillout Lounge.

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The Chillout Lounge combines the novelty of subzero temperatures with a unique interior design. It is a technological innovation in refrigeration, lighting and architecture. From an architectural point of view, Chillout Lounge is an interesting combination of ice, glass & steel. The diffused lighting changes its colors at certain intervals and it filters through crystal clear blocks of ice, filling them with low-lux hues of varying patterns, making the moment freeze in its ambience. All these elements have been intelligently composed to create one of the best ice lounges in the world.

The lounge serves hot soups, sandwiches, juices, hot chocolates, coffee, tea and a variety of deserts, mock-tails and confectionary, making it the first of its kind in the world to serve hot food & beverages.

Located at Times Square Center Dubai, why not visit us for an unparalleled experience with friends and family. We are also available for corporate events, film shoots and private hire.


Hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate - ChilloutinDubai Menu

From the Alps, finest cocoa powder and fresh milk stirred to perfection.


Capuccino - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Shot of rich espresso from dark roasted coffee beans, with hot milk and foam.


Latte - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Steamed milk with shot of espresso from dark roasted coffee beans.

Tea with Milk

Tea-Milk - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Full bodied tea blend, with steamed milk and sweetened to taste.

Green Tea

Green Tea - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Mint flavored green tea to refresh your senses.


Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Tender juicy chicken breast grilled to perfection, served with lettuce, juicy tomato and mayonnaise on toasted bread.

Veg Sandwich

Vegetable Sandwich - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Assorted garden fresh vegetables & cheddar cheese served on toasted bread with a light mayonnaise spread.

Tomato soup

Tomato Soup - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Rich taste of fresh plum tomatoes, lightly seasoned with basil & topped with fresh cream and croutons.

Cream of chicken Soup

Cream of Chicken Soup - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Thick creamy soup made with minced chicken and corn kernel, lightly seasoned with bay leaf and parsley.

Chocolate cake

Cake - ChilloutinDubai Menu

Rich chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing, garnished with cherry and chocolate drizzle.

Beef lasagna

Lasagna- ChilloutinDubai Menu

Pasta sheets layered with ground beef, fresh tomato and bechamel sauce, topped with plenty of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Menu - Food

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Menu - Drink

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Each visitor receives a complimentary welcome drink when they enter Chillout. Although tea and coffee are available, we recommend our signature hot chocolate; just like you find in the Alps.

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  • Will my body adjust to the subzero temperature?
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Costa Coffee event

Costa Coffee event

Chillout proudly hosted an event for "Costa Coolers" - summer coffee blends. The invite only event saw Chillout hosting the product launch in the UAE, with the selected guests of the hosts experiencing the cool environment of ChillOut and getting more information about the new coffee blends.

A special coffee luge was made by our in house ice carvers for the event.

Costa Coffee event Costa Coffee event


Body Shop event

Body Shop event

Body shop hosted the launch of its new Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet & other new body sorbet products at Chillout. The event saw select guests and media personnel coming to Chillout for the event and getting more information about the uniqueness of these products.

The entire lounge was given a makeover for the event and a specially made BODY SHOP logo in ice was created to mark the special occasion.

Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event Body Shop event


School Students visit

School Students visit

Due to its unique interiors and cold environment, Chillout as a venue has generated a lot of interest from schools in and around Dubai. Not only to educate children about the cold environment but also as a venue for outings and new experiences.

We have hosted students from across Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, including from Jumeirah Public School, Kings Dubai and Gems International schools.

School Students visit School Students visit



Dubai tourists beating summer heat by keeping cool at ice cafe

Dubai tourists beating summer heat by keeping cool at ice cafe

DUBAI, UAE - It's well-known for its high summer temperatures and iconic landmarks.

But visitors to Dubai can take in the sights without working up a sweat.

At the Chillout ice lounge, subzero temperatures not only keep the tourists cool, but prevent the ice sculptures of Dubai's best-known landmarks from melting.

"This country is known for its really hot weather, so to have a place made of ice like this is a really nice and unique idea," said Chillout's manager Parvinder Singh.

Visitors are supplied with hooded parka (a heavy jacket), disposable woolen gloves, shoes and socks, if required, as they enter the cafe, which holds its temperature at a constant minus six degrees Celsius.

Parvinder said most visitors came from Gulf countries which, with their traditionally hot and arid climates, never experience snow or ice.

And the sculptures don't stay the same for too long, he said.

"Every year, especially during the month of Ramadan when we are closed, we do new ice carvings, come up with new ideas and new ice sculptures as well."

Chillout first opened its doors in 2007. 

"It is a different atmosphere here, frankly, and it is well worth another visit," said Turki Khaled from Saudi Arabia.

It is not just the sculptures that are frozen.   Everything from the chandeliers and paintings, to the tables, chairs, a 12 foot Burk Khalifa and a full size Formula One car are all carved out of ice.

For one Saudi family, it was the first time they had come across such a concept.

"An [ice] cafe that you can sit and have a coffee in is a new idea that doesn't exist anywhere else in the Arab world, I don't think," said Janna Aref.

Her daughter Yara was one of the children enjoying the novelty of feeling cold.

"It's nice because I have always wanted to come to a place that was frozen and to see what it's like to be in the cold," she said.

As well providing visitors with warm clothes, the cafe also covers its frozen seats with fur and treats the floor to prevent slipping.

Owners say the ice lounge attracts up to 10,000 guests a month.

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Chilling out in sizzling Dubai's all-ice cafe

Honeymooners and other tourists from the Gulf are heading to the throbbing heart of Dubai to beat the summer heat by cooling off at the first "ice lounge" in the Middle East.

The interior decor of Dubai's Chillout cafe is made entirely of carved ice, with frozen picture frames, ice curtains and frosty seats covered in fur.

The interior of the cafe, owned by UAE's Sharaf Group, is lit with multi-colored fluorescent lights.

"We got married in Riyadh four days ago and the first place on our to-do list was to visit Chillout cafe in Dubai," said 27-year-old Saudi travel agent Ahmed, holding the hand of his veiled bride Nouf.

"Can you imagine you're in a freezing café while it's 35 degrees (Celsius) outside?"

Visitors are provided with hooded parka (a heavy jacket), disposable woolen gloves, shoes and socks, if required, in a striking similarity to the ice hotels which dot Scandinavia in winter.

Dubai - which is famous for its luxury shopping, beaches, indoor ski slope, the world's tallest tower and a man-made palm-shaped island - has become a top short-stay tourist destination in the Middle East alongside Cairo and Beirut.

Tourism is crucial to Dubai's economy, which had a gross domestic product of around $90 billion last year, supports the emirate's large retail industry and hospitality sectors.

Dubai aims to triple its annual income from tourism to 300 billion dirhams ($82 billion) by 2020, which would involve doubling the number of its hotel rooms, Helal Almarri, director-general of Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), told Reuters last week.

Visitors to Chillout pay 75 dirhams and are served with a hot drink.  Children aged 5 - 13 are 35 dirhams  and under 5's are FREE.  The cafe has around 10,000 visitors per month.

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Dubai's Ice Bar Is Chill, Ridiculous

Hot.  That is the main word of warning I got before visiting Dubai, from guidebooks to friends, and heat is indeed something I encountered during my September vacation.  While well-intentioned friends had warned me I needed to wear a headscarf and dress modestly, nowhere in my travels did I find this to be true.  I did have to dress in light clothing for the weather, which wasn't at its summer heights, but was still formidable for a first-time Western visitor.

So when I read about ice bar Chillout Lounge in Times Square Centre, listed as a mere footnote in one of my guidebooks, I knew I had to visit.  I've been fascinated with the glamour of ice hotels in Quebec, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, and the existence of Turkey's Magic Ice Museum and Norway's Magic Ice gallery and bar, but was unsure if I could handle that level of cold.  If the idea of freezing in the name of travel intrigues you, check out the annual art competition to design rooms at Sweden's Icehotel; this year's feature snow sculptures, an homage to Fibonacci and and a pink flamingo. Entrance to Chillout Lounge costs 75 dirhams (about $20), which also gets you the use of a hat, gloves, coat and boots, plus a free beverage (hot chocolate, coffee and mocktails, as well as soup and snacks are available).  I bundled up, pulled the chilly metal door open, and entered an icy wonderland.  The café was empty on my arrival at around three on a weekday afternoon, save for the ice sculptures, carved into camels, hearts, penguins and Dubai landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.  I noticed immediately that there's something undeniably sensual about the beauty of the ice suspended from the ceiling, yet not dripping, the shag-covered ice chairs and tables carved out of ice.  When my bare calf brushed against the table beneath me, I wished my cold-loving boyfriend were around to cuddle with. Indeed, Chillout's tagline is "Reason to Get Closer," and the bar has plenty of them.  Unlike being stuck in actual winter weather you can't escape, you're offered a temporary and manageable escape from the heat, and if you get too cold you can warm up with soup or a hot beverage.  If you're looking for a fun date in Dubai, this place is perfect.

Yes, it's kitschy, but even the most basic elements, such as a giant wall made of ice blocks, are beautiful, almost majestic; it's hard to reconcile that they are, essentially, the same thing as the puny little things that come out of your freezer because they are works of art rather than utilitarian everyday objects.

My body soon adjusted to the minus 6 degrees temperature; I felt cozy snuggled in my coat and boots, and the exposed parts of my skin provided a welcome contrast.  It wasn't the kind of cold that shocks your lungs or makes you see your breath in front of you, but the kind that you slowly get used to, like the first day of a brisk winter.  I kept taking one glove off to snap photos and pet the giant pieces of ice hanging next to me, dangling and dazzling, then putting them back on.

My hot chocolate arrived in a light metal mug, tasting rich and sweet, just thick enough, and buying me a few more warm minutes to bask in the colorful lights brightening the ice.  Two couples joined me, marveling at the sculptures; a woman offered to take my picture next to one of the sculptures, before escaping into a corner with her date.

It's easy to forget you're in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable mall when you surrender to the intimacy of the Chillout Lounge.  Yes, they've managed to create something at once touristy and special. The shag coverings on the benches made me want to curl up on one, and the sleekness of the ice's surfaces was a wonder to behold.  

I stayed for as long as my body could handle the cold, about half an hour.  My chill didn't last long; back in my regular clothes and flip flops, stepping outside in the late afternoon sun warmed me instantly, but I welcomed the heat.

In a city where so many things are outsize and bigger than one can even take in (The Dubai Mall, the world's largest, has 1,200 outlets and is set to expand in size, while the Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building), Chillout Lounge is a simpler kind of beauty.  The ice carvings are lovely but thankfully not over-the-top; I found the hanging strings of ice and the solo rectangles more entrancing than the larger sculptures.  Hanging like chandeliers, they caught the light perfectly.  The lights don't bombard the senses, instead bathing the ice furniture and sculptures in soothing reds and blues as well as the bolder and not quite as relaxing yellow and green.  I would go back not just to cool off, but to marvel at the sleek, modern and cozy feel.  It's definitely worth a visit, and has made me feel brave enough to take my ice fascination to the next level at an ice hotel.


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In July 2014 the Chillout had a major refurbishment. This included updates to the outside, reception area and a full rebuilding of all the ice features and the addition of new lighting effects.
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Career -

As a part of our constant endeavor to provide unparalleled guest experience, Chillout seeks people who strive for guest satisfaction and are customer service oriented. We currently have openings for guest relations executive and ice carving specialists.


We're a very exciting brand to franchise. Our product is unique and our clients come from far & wide. We are currently one of Dubai's most famous tourist attractions!!! Opened in 2007, we have ensured that we know our business and can support you in the opening of your own Chillout Lounge.


  • Very unique
  • The rights to a trusted name
  • Access to our specialized suppliers
  • Opening support
  • On-going support
  • Design support
  • Global reach advertising


We are looking for partners who can demonstrate a good track record in their region. They need to have retail experience, as well as the scope to build a food and beverage operation. Our partners must also be able to show experience in a customer focused environment.

Franchising is a partnership and we're looking for partners who understand the uniqueness of Chillout and have the drive to build on our established name.

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Address: Times Square Center - Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai

Toll Free: 800 CHILLOUT

Tel: +971 4 3418121

Timing: Saturday to Wednesday: 10am to 10pm

Thursday and Friday: 10am to Midnight



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For reservations:
Toll Free (inside UAE) - 800 CHILLOUT (800 24455688) - International +971 4 3418121
You can also mail in your requests to: or just complete this form

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